Our Services

We've designed three key services to provide our customers with fast, flexible and transparent hiring solutions.

Advantage Recruitment Service: Advantage

The Service

  • Dedicated account team
  • Market mapping in line with existing and future demands
  • Candidate profiling and headhunting
  • Talent pool building from competitors and industry
  • Competitor, industry and brand perception analysis to ensure you stay ahead of key competing businesses
  • Cultural and performance profiling to understand your 'key people drivers'
  • In-depth reporting

Plus Points

  • Increase your speed to hire
  • Hire the best passive:premium candidates
  • Reduce your cost per hire
  • Enhance your hiring processes
  • Boost your competitor knowledge
  • Develop better continuous improvement plans with our detailed reporting and analysis
  • Improve the quality of hires

Secured Search Recruitment Service: Secure Search

Passive:premium candidates are top performers who are inactive in the job market, and are difficult to engage without the support of recruitment industry experts. These candidates are typically the best in their field, and we want to find them for you!

We dedicate a team to work closely with you, understanding your needs and what makes your team tick. We then actively work our network to identify and short-list candidates that fit. Our Secured Search service is confidential; efficient; high quality; and invariably delivers great results.

Why choose Secured Search?

  • Dedicated team focused exclusively on your hire
  • Full market mapping to ensure that you hire the very best candidate
  • Detailed reporting providing an insight into the market and competitor talent pool
  • Structured search timeframes allowing you to estimate candidate start dates
  • Increased speed of hire
  • Receive fewer CVs, all of which are a specific match to your requirements from a skill and DNA perspective
  • Only work with one supplier who fully understands the role and your business
  • Candidates submitted will be exclusive to you until rejected

On Demand Recruitment Service: On Demand

Work with one of our experienced recruiters, who is a specialist in your industry and skill set. Using headhunting techniques, we ensure that you receive the best candidates on the market; ahead of your competition.

You will pay a fee only when we deliver a top performing candidate we believe will fit the culture of your organisation and be aligned to your values.

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